Davy Featured in AIA Core Values Article

We care about the culture created here in the Davy office and support that culture through our core values.  Davy Architecture was recently featured in the AIA Best Practice article Manifested Core ValuesOur purpose at Davy Architecture is enhancing people's lives through design.  We are involved in our community and have the opportunity to design places where people live, work, shop, learn, worship and play.  The core values that help us accomplish this are Communication, Accountability, Teamwork, Integrity, Design Excellence, and Growth + Transformation.  To help remind staff of these values we created custom icons that are incorporated into office mousepads and screensavers.  We also recognize that it's not just about listing some key words and catch phrases.  We have to put these principles to work and create culture around them.  We strive to create a culture that includes all the Davy Team members and keeps everyone excited to come to work everyday. We accomplish this by remembering to not only work hard, but to play hard too. We take mid-week breaks to hang out on the roof.  Sometimes we have a movie night where we all get a little nerdy about architecture films;  recently we watched The Fountainhead.  

The foundation is doing work that we can be proud of, but what holds it all together is being able to enjoy doing it.