2017 IIDA Haute Couture Fashion Show

Artwork by Katie Schell

Artwork by Katie Schell

This is year the Davy Architecture team was proud to have a team participate in this exciting community event.  The IIDA Fashion Show pairs design firms up with industry product manufactures to come up with a fashion ensemble worthy of the catwalk.  The theme for this year's event was inspired by popular Broadway plays.

Davy was paired up with furniture vendor Versteel to create a design inspired by the Broadway musical South Pacific.  The trick is the final product must be constructed solely of material from a fabric grab event and material that is readily available within the product line of the industry sponsor.  The team had base material from a fabric grab event,as well as, upholstery fabric, pvc edging, metal samples, plastic chair seat samples and the chains used to hold the sample sets together at their disposal to design with.

The Davy design is a blend of the WWII naval uniform and the native island fashion that reflects the strong romantic relationships between foreigners and natives.  The blending of two worlds coming to one, and breaking cultural boundaries is dramatically expressed in the construction of the design.

Design Team:

  • Janett Gaytan
  • Lauren Blagg
  • Maria Caneja
  • Mike Vanderhoof
  • Rashad Abdul-Majid