San Diego, CA

Ambulatory Infusion Center Remodel

Sharp’s goal is to improve the Patient’s experience in their existing Infusion Center.  They approached this by asking Davy Architecture to analyze their current space plan and patient flow, in order to create improved patterns.  We spent time observing and surveying, to develop tailored concepts.  Our approach was to provide Patient-centered care by incorporating Planetree principles.  The first opportunity for enhancement was identified in the registration area.  We proposed to make this more open and visible for easy identification, providing a warm and welcoming effect.  The existing Infusion Center has great natural lighting and an open space plan, so we capitalized on these and brought the outdoors into the space.  Additionally, we are working with staff as they alter their work flow and interaction with the Patients, to better serve them.  These efforts, in an environment featuring warm, natural finishes, will afford an enriched experience for Patients.