San Marcos, CA

Baseball Field Rendering

The Palomar Community College “Comets Baseball Field” was designed in collaboration with the coaches, engineers, and key stakeholders in accordance with the NCAA guidelines, and it was approved by DSA in May of 2010 with an estimated probable construction cost of $3 Million. The project scope consisted of providing ADA-compliant, maintenance-free structures and durable construction material (concrete masonry unit) suitable for championship play with an anticipated spectator capacity of 350.

Structures include: traditional stepped dugouts with combination benches and foot mount, bat and hat racks, safety railing, and access to each dugout. The new ballpark also includes seven batting cages, five pitcher bullpens with infield mix at each pitcher’s mound, and over 10,000 SF of natural turf for visitor warm-ups. The Comets infield consists of artificial turf with a sub-base drainage system located behind home plate, and traditional required material (infield mix, infield clay, natural turf, and warning track mix) for both the infield and outfield.